Next In-take Session for Membership Application on October 27, 2010

In-Take Session of SITE BC


In-Take Session, Organized by SITE BC

(Society of Internationally Trained Engineers of BC,



·         Are you an Internationally Trained Engineer?

·         Do you want to join us for job referrals, nerworking and lots of other



Please come to the In-Take Session on October 27, 2010 (Wednesday) with:


1.      Check the criteria to be a SITE BC Member at: 


2. Fill out the Application Form for Membership of SITE BC and bring it to the In-Take

    (downloaded from:


3. Bring along with following: (the original documents and photo-copies – these are crucial)

a)  Your original ID (with your personal picture on it) and a photocopy

b)  The completed Application Forms of SITE BC

c)  Original documents of your Engineering Degree with a photocopy

d)  If your Original Degree Certificate is not in English, then bring along with a Translation

     which is translated by a BC Certified Translator (or by a Public Notary) and its photocopy.

e)  A copy of your Resume with details of your qualifications and work experience.


5. Come to the following location:

1885 West Broardway, Vancouver, B.C., V6J 1Y5

 Date:       October 27, 2010 (Wednesday)

             Time:       6:00 p.m.  (No admission before 6:00 p.m. and after 7:00 p.m.)


If you are interested, please urgently send your request of attendance at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for registration, deadline on October 24, 2010.  

(All Attendees must reqister beofre the deadline and no walk-in attendances accepted.)



(P.S.: IMPORTANT Please note: There will be no photo-copying service provided, therefore you must bring along all the original and photocopies of all above-mentioned relevant documents or you may need to leave and wait for the next In-Take Session again if your documents are not completely submitted.)


K. C. Chau  B.Sc.; LL.B.; Dip.Tech.Sc.; MBA