Past President's Message

Dear SITE BC members and visitors,


Ten years have already passed since a group of internationally trained engineers consolidated the idea of creating the Society of Internationally Trained Engineers of British Columbia SITE BC, an organization that gathers the ITEs in British Columbia with the objective of working together to facilitate their effort to be part of the cutting edge engineering activities in BC. Along these years, multiple stake holders have contributed to reach the goals of the organization in different fields of the engineering.

The initial effort gave birth to the Engineering Matching and Placement (E-MAP) program which was funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Foreign Credential Recognition Office, and was under management of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) association. The E-MAP program has been successful in placing many ITEs in important engineering positions in several manufacturing companies in BC.

Memorandums of agreement have been signed with APEGBC and ASTTBC in order to coordinate actions to make more efficient the process of integrating the members into the engineering team in BC. Many seminars and workshops have been presented free of charge for the more than seven hundred members, and public in general. Outstanding volunteer speakers have contributed to update the ITEs knowledge in technical and soft skills subjects in order to improve their employability profile. Many field tours have been also organized with the collaboration of important manufacturing companies in BC which have been glad to contribute with the integration of the ITEs.

The WEB page, created since the beginning of the organization, has been maintained and lately upgraded to a modern language version in order to include a Job Module option. This resource will facilitate the access of job seekers and employers to a data base to exchange information that leads to ITEs integrated to the manufacturing industry more efficiently.

Due to the latest changes in the structure for the government collaboration to incorporate ITEs into the working force of BC, new challenges arise for SITEBC to keep being a helpful partner by providing the right support to its members in order to fulfil its main objective of integrating newcomers into the labour market. One of the main challenges is to draw attention of the senior members who have already gone through the different stages of integration in BC and are capable of sharing their experiences with the recently arrived ITEs.

With the labour market in BC still struggling to overcome the economy's low peak of the last years, the compromise of the current SITE BC's Board of Directors is to look for new ideas and resources to keep being one of the top options for the ITEs in their job search and integration endeavour.

The career development of foreign engineers in BC demands a proactive participation to overcome all the difficulties involved in the process of getting the professional certification in BC. SITEBC renovates its compromise of working side by side with their members for them to get self rewarding professional achievements in their quest for a bright future, which in a final instance will contribute to the growth of the Canadian society.


Fernando Borja P.Eng.

Past President